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Our Team

Nora Johnson, President Oils with Nora, dōTERRA Diamond

Hey, there!

I'm Nora, a wife, mom to 6, grandma to 6 (with one on the way!), and foodie. I love everything music, meditation, and traveling. I love to meet new people and share the life-changing benefits of all-natural products. There is something about helping people that brings me joy.

When my husband first introduced me to essential oils, I thought he was crazy, and I was skeptical that they would even work. 12+ years later, here I am! I help others by giving them the tools they need to succeed with using essential oils. I offer samples to try before you buy. Tell me your issues and I can offer natural solutions for you to try. But I am much more than that.

I open up peoples hearts, minds, and their world as they discover what they can do with essential oils. I help bring back the power to families when they thought there were no other options.

Amy Bigelow

  • Amy discovered essential oils after attending an EO class.

  • She spent countless hours learning all she could about essential oils and how she could incorporate them into her home.

  • Essential oils became a daily staple for various purposes, including physical health, cleaning, and mood management.

Avellene Campos

  • Avellene has been using essential oils for almost 2 decades.

  • Essential oils have supported her through some difficult health challenges.

  • Now, she spends her time sharing essential oils with others and educating them on how to use them in their daily life.

Diane Shepherd

  • Diane was given essential oils to try when her son had recurring ear discomfort.

  • Intrigued by the effectiveness of the oil, she decided to learn about all the oils and began using essential oils alongside conventional medical advice.

  • Now uses essential oils as a complement to her doctor's guidance, appreciating the option to address health concerns at home.