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Training Resources

The latest training to help you build your dōTERRA business.

Business Building Guide

Use this guide to learn the crucial yet simple business-building activities it takes to build a doTERRA business.

Business-Building Activities You’ll Learn:

  • Preparing to launch your business

  • Setting goals and making a Names List

  • Utilizing tools to reach Elite rank

  • Inviting people to learn more

  • Presenting with the Natural Solutions class handout

  • Learning what to say at your class or one-on-one

  • Enrolling successfully

  • Onboarding and supporting new customers

  • Holding a Wellness Consult to help people take advantage of Loyalty Rewards

  • Finding builders

  • Launching new builders

  • Placement Strategies

Training Courses by dōTerra

Empowered Success with dōTerra

Subscribe to the Building Your Business with doTERRA—Empowered Success podcast so you can listen to top Wellness Advocates like Justin Harrison, Eric Larsen, Laura Jacobs, Betty Torres, David Ellis, and others as they share their pearls of business wisdom. You’ll get concrete ideas on how to successfully close, take advantage of one-on-ones, deal with no-show classes, and much more.

The Empowered Success podcast is an extra special resource for anyone looking to expand their business and reach more people than ever before. It’s available everywhere you go. Soak in the inspiration on your way to a class or on a long car trip visiting your downline. Refer your friends looking to start their own business, and send a specific episode to a fellow builder in need of encouragement.

Past Episodes

dōTerra Podcasts

Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA is an award-winning podcast that teaches you how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life. Share these podcasts with your customers.