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1. Ownership of Content: All the awesome stuff on our site, like images, text, logos, and downloadable files, belongs to Nora Johnson and the creative minds behind this site. Feel free to explore, but please don't use our content without permission.

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13. We're Human Too: We're not perfect. Nora Johnson and the crew won't be held responsible for any hiccups or issues that may arise from using our site.

14. Arizona Love: We're based in Arizona, and the laws of this sunny state govern these terms and conditions.

15. Dispute Resolution: If we have a disagreement, let's try to sort it out amicably. If not, we'll bring in a neutral mediator or arbitrator. You can also head to small claims court if that suits you.

16. Changes: We might tweak these terms now and then. We'll shoot you an email or post a notice if we do. Questions or concerns? Reach out to us through our contact details or the feedback form on the site.

Effective Date: February 6, 2024

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